Fies brand relaunch

Fine spirits invite you to enjoy.

Since 1948, the Schwarzwälder Feingeistbrennerei Franz Fies has been distilling the finest fruit brandies and liqueurs with which it has made a name for itself in the market. To increase value perception for our product brands among consumers, Fies needed to convey its brand personality in a more direct, poignant way – that meant finding a story within the Black Forest cosmos that we could stage in a highly emotional fashion to distinguish and shape the brand.

Since positioning corridors such as craft, tradition and naturalness are already occupied, the existing claim “Fies. Fine spirits from the Black Forest” became the nucleus of the brand positioning concept:

It is the mystical treasure of the Black Forest with its stories, fables and spirits.

The result is mystical product personalities – ghosts staged to a high standard – who, as representatives of the individual product categories, are linked to a history, legend and traditional Black Forest craftsmanship anchored in the Black Forest. The product ranges, including the product features, were also adapted to this new positioning and descriptive product names were replaced by personalities such as “Momentum” or “Chronum”.


Key visual for Momentum premium fruit brandies.


Key visual for classic Fies Original fruit brandies.


Key visual for high-priced Chronum fruit brandies.


Key visual for the Fies liquor product range.

Well-rounded on all channels

Both online and offline, the company and each individual product brand are now telling a consistent and self-contained story. The new brand launch creates a unique story and offers an excellent framework for horizontal and vertical integration to the PoS.

This “Making of” film was created during the extensive shooting process.

The brand had music specially composed to underscore the dramatic staging of the radio spot.


The key visuals of the flanking products Fisini and Gin, were also re-staged.

The new website offers the perfect stage for the mystical product world of Fies.


Lukas Dudek

Lukas Dudek

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