Fies: Momentum product features deluxe

Haut couture for a fine fruit spirit.

An important part of the brand relaunch of the Black Forest fine spirit distillery Fies was the restructuring of the product range. Special attention was paid to an absolutely high-quality product equipment for Momentum, the premium range of all Fies fruit brandies.


A new, unique bottle has been developed, whose design features pay homage to both the tradition of Fies and the product world and characteristics of Momentum brandies.
The fir cone-inspired relief on the back and sides of the bottle refers to the familiar Fies original products. Matching the masculine product character of Momentum, the design with its fine yet robust form language conveys the positioning of this range.


The crossed axes – the symbol for the reclamation of our Black Forest – act as a strong landmark on the elaborately finished labels of this premium range. They support the reinterpretation for these fruit brandies and are a deliberate borrowing from the whisky category.

Finally, a conically designed and elaborately finished outer packaging harmoniously embeds the bottle shape and thus stages it in an ideal way. A hand-signed variety certificate rounds off the concept.




Lukas Dudek

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