Löwensenf Explosion of taste

Spice with joy. Enjoy with caution!

Löwensenf is a traditional brand with character since 1920. In addition to first-class mustards, the brand also offers high-quality barbecue sauces for refined indulgence – a potential that is to be exploited with a new campaign presence.


The aim: To convince mustard consumers of the brand’s core competence and to rejuvenate the brand. As a result, the campaign focus, which was previously primarily on mustard varieties, was expanded to include spicy sauces.


Strong in character and as authentic as the brand itself, mustard & sauces were staged under the motto “Explosion of taste”. Of course, this was consistently implemented on all touchpoints in the communication: from print to various brand-relevant channels to the POS.




Lukas Dudek

managing director taste! / send e-mail

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