RhönSprudel. Nature inside.

RhönSprudel turns the trend of naturalness into feelings and visuals.
Societies understanding of values is going in-depth nowadys. The value of nature is constantly rising and thus turned into a place of longing and relaxation. In 2013, 56% of German people stated that nature would belong to a life worth living. Last year, already 79% agreed.

To some people, naturalness is a trend. To RhönSprudel, it is the most important aspect of the company’s philosophy according to its roots as well as its heritage in the unspoiled nature of the Rhön Biosphere Reserve.

Water is valuable – in quite many ways. For our environment, for our daily being and for being aligned with nature, too. The mineralwater originating from the depth oft he Rhön Biosphere Reserve is providing vitaly, freshness and natural pureness. That certain thought is brought to mind with the latest campaign visuals.



Lukas Dudek

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